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  • 2 Steps to a Happy Renewal

    All treasurers and CFO’s should now have their church organisation’s property renewals for 2016 on their to-do lists. For some entities, renewal time can be a little daunting but it need not be. Let us share with you 2 easy steps to a happy renewal: Step 1 – No Change. No Pain. If you know that 2016 is going to look the same as last year for your church organisation, then relax. Sign the renewal and pop it in the post, fax or email it to us. Easy. BUT if you know there are CHANGES to your church organisation’s property certificate then the deadline to..

  • 4 Reasons Why Fire is not the End of the World

    Seeing the blackened, charred remains of your beloved church or school might seem like Judgement Day has arrived, but trust us, while it is heartbreaking it’s not the end of the world either. Here are 4 reasons why… 1. You're covered. But first, the bad damaged by fire is a shocking, confronting and emotionally devastating event that leaves behind grief and a sense of helplessness amongst those it affects. These intangible yet very real and painful effects of fire damage are not things that RMS can fix, sadly. Our key role in these situations is to lesson..

  • Are You Ready for Anything?

    Business Interruption or "BI" for short is the risk of interruption to business operations and can result from different scenarios including: Traditional property damage Cyber weaknesses or attacks Non-damage BI Supply chain Acts of Terrorism Environmental causes Product recall Marine transit We're Hosting a Business Interruption Information Seminar. Hosted by Risk Management Service, this dynamic information session will help business professionals learn more about the causes and impacts of Business Interruption (BI) and the insurance solutions available to church organi..

  • Calendar Rulers are Back!

    These six-year calendar rulers are a long-standing RMS tradition and are highly sought after. The good news is that they're back and we're ready to give them away! These nifty little tools are made of quality plastic with a 20cm ruler along one edge and an 8in ruler on the opposite edge, measuring 21 x 10cm they fit perfectly into a standard DL sized envelope. Printed on both sides with calendars for 2016 through to 2021 - you're covered for this "quinquennium" and beyond! Create your own user feedback survey (

  • Changes to the Short-Term Travel cover application process

    On 1 September 2014 RMS made two important changes to the application process for Short-term Travel Cover (STT). The first change is that RMS will only accept and process applications for STT if the cost is being invoiced to a Seventh-day Adventist Church organisation through that organisation’s current account. This means that RMS will no longer accept cash, cheque or credit card payments for STT direct from those travelling and our forms and online application have been amended to reflect this. This change means the STT billing process is now consistent with that used for all the..

  • Do you need WHS templates?

    Have you been wondering how you can get your hands on some WHS templates? Many of our Work Health and Safety (WHS) resources have only been available through our 'Member Only' area of this website. Thanks to your feedback we have developed four new template documents for WHS activities that we're happy to share freely to you. We are continually working on improving our pool of resources - forms, factsheets, checklists and manuals. Most of them can be found by searching our website, but if there's something you need and can't find please do get in touch with us! You might also be inter..

  • Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet

    RMS is pleased to announce the release of our new Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet. It is intended to be an easy to read and informative document that tells you everything you need to know to manage and make decisions about the Employee Effects Travel Protection Cover. If you have any questions about the information in the FactSheet or you would like to give us some feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Download the Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet. (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=99966) ..

  • Employee Relocation Protection – Get the Info!

    We’ve heard your feedback and we agree – the old Employee Relocation Forms needed to be updated. We also found there was a little confusion about what’s covered and when to get forms to us. So, we have prepared a new Information Pack that contains everything you – and your relocating staff – need to know about this cover. Inside the new Information Package you will find: Helpful hints and tips for relocating employees The FactSheet for Employee Relocation Protection (ERP) Cover (find out what is and is not covered) The ERP application form which m..

  • Extra Risks Rate Reduction

    Extra Risks Rate Reduction – Lower rates means more money for mission RMS is pleased to announce that the cost of Extra Risks cover is being reduced on 1 July 2014. Cover for specific items will cost 6.6% less, while the cost of the blanket cover will be 5% lower. The loss experience for this cover has been improving over the past few years and while there are some bumps and dips - with some years better than others - the longer term trend suggests a rate cut is appropriate. We know a number of sites have been working intentionally to reduce Extra Risks losses and it is plea..

  • Finding Balance

    There is a saying that is usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin that says “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. This saying dates back to 1789 and unfortunately both death and taxes are still certainties in our world today. I’d like to propose another certainty – that in this world things will happen and sometimes the things that happen will be things we’d rather didn’t happen. If you are like me you might need to re-read that a couple of times before it sinks in. If unexpected adverse events are a certai..

  • Hello I.T.?

    Technology is not something we can hide from, so part of our strategic plan is how we can use technology to improve our work so we can help you better. Now an integral part of our lives, technology, while frustrating at times can make processes a lot simpler and efficient at other times. Several of our strategic IT goals were achieved in the previous quinquennium, including how customers interact with us online and electronically, as well as improving internal IT processes. Many of our planned improvements in the technology area will involve how RMS manages the data it collects..

  • Last Christmas we gave you our funds.

    It has been a year since we launched the Risk and Safety Funding initiative. What have we done with the money? When we launched Risk and Safety Funding in November 2015, we knew that the old way of doing risk and safety was not cutting through, but what we could not predict was the positive reception we’ve had for the program thus far. Thank you all for your support! RMS is delighted that we have helped fund, in part, 20 projects totaling just on $40,000AUD in the last twelve months. We say “in part” because one of the conditions of funding is that the requesting en..

  • Let’s make a date.

    We know too well just how daunting all of the fine print, the clauses, the acronyms and the ‘rules’ can be. To help make things clearer we’re using our fancy new website to bring you hot tips and answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. It’s something we’re keen to do because we're here to help you and this website was built with your needs in mind. So, let’s make a date and do this regularly! Speaking of dates…a regular question we get when people notify us of a loss is: “Do we have to provide a date for every propert..

  • New Look Website

    We are delighted to inform you of the launch of our new website! It offers a completely new look and feel that we hope will dramatically improve the way our customers experience and interact with RMS. When we started this project the primary goals for the new website were: To update the look of the website to reflect the new branding. Improve the tone and ‘feel’ to be friendlier and more helpful. Include content that our customers would find interesting, easy to read and actually useful. Provide a system that can be easily updated and maintained by internal staff. ..

  • One small cover change that you need to know.

    It’s official. As of July 1, 2015 Cash in Safe and Cash in Transit cover lines will no longer exist the way they used to. We brought the change ( to your attention a few months ago while the exact details were being refined. We are happy to share that Cash Cover is now part of contents cover, no separate application required. It also means that cash losses are now subject to the excess shown on your property certificate. We have streamlined the change so you don’t need to do anything, however, church organisations s..

  • Property Tip - Are you Covered?

    Are you sure that all the property and equipment belonging to your church organisation is covered? Could you be paying for cover that you no longer need? Read on to find out more... In May each year we send a property renewal notice to every office, church, company, school, aged care facility, Op Shop, college, factory, campground and medical facility that we know about. We do this so that we can provide an up-to-date list of all property to insurers. When you receive a property renewal notice it is important to check it carefully to ensure the list of property is current and to tell us..

  • Red nosed? More like red-faced!

    It’s no fun at all when what was supposed to be a fun activity with a bunch of school kids or a youth group takes a turn for the worst. It can be especially embarrassing if the incident could have been prevented by checking off a few simple precautions. The safety and protection of children is something we cannot emphasise enough. We know our workers and volunteers are busy so we will keep this short in faith that you will read it and raise awareness amongst your people who are responsible for children and children’s activities. Always get parental permission for children ..

  • Risk Dollars. Work Smarter.

    Launched in November the Risk and Safety Funding program is already helping Church organisations solve risk and safety problems. What is it? RMS is so deeply committed to helping Church organisations get their risk and safety in order that we’re putting our money where our mouths are. RMS is budgeting funds, annually for the next 5 years, specifically for solving risk and safety-related issues identified within our Church organisations. We believe that a safer and less risky organization will help our Church achieve its mission. How does it work? RMS is working ..

  • Safety Tip - Take the trolley

    Do you run events? Do you carry boxes of stuff from your office to your car to another venue? Do you set up display booths? Then a folding hand trolley could save you time and a trip to the chiropractor. From time to time the RMS team is involved in conferences, events or camp meetings. There’s always a collective groan at the thought of moving and carrying our large display booth and all the other paraphernalia that goes with it. Recently, while delegating the heavy lifting tasks someone had a brilliant idea… Buy a portable folding hand trolley! For under AUD$10..

  • Serenity Now!

    One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is the volume of detailed information and documentation that seems part and parcel of Work Health and Safety. It certainly overwhelms us, our research shows that it overwhelms you too, and that’s the last thing we want. Feeling like a hot mess about all this WHS stuff is not productive or conducive to a ‘safer’ working environment. That’s why one of our strategic goals for the next five years is to develop practical risk and safety resources. The key word being “practical”. Our goal for these res..

  • Talking about Cyber Crime

    Guest writer and President/CEO of Adventist Risk Management, Bob Kyte, shares his thoughts on Cyber Crime and how it affects the Adventist Church. Reports of the Australian Crime Commission and Australian Federal Police indicate that theft of identity is an increasing problem across Australia. A few years ago a survey report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicated over a half million victims of identity fraud in a twelve month period. In the United States, approximately 10 million people experience identity theft each year. Tied closely to the crimes related to id..

  • The Best Defence

    Ancient Chinese general, military strategist and author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, is often attributed to this quote, “Invincibility is a matter of defence, vulnerability is a matter of attack”. Churches are commonly perceived as places of openness, refuge and safety in times of need. Lately, however, violence toward churches seems to be increasing. Is it because places of worship are vulnerable by nature – open, trusting, welcoming – that they are coming under attack? Perhaps in part, but the reasons for attack are likely more complex and confounding than w..

  • The Big Picture

    Most days at RMS we are up to our eyeballs in thousands of pages of insurance policy documents, work health and safety legislation or developing responses to emerging risk issues. When it’s like this it is easy to be consumed by the detail and forget the purpose. Lately, we have been intentionally focusing on our core purpose – which is to help make more and better disciples. Yes, our contribution to disciple making is a little different – even unique within the South Pacific Division – but it is a necessary and powerful enabler and protector of our church&rsq..

  • The Top 10 Property Losses Affecting Church Organisations

    Now is as good a time as ever for you to ‘spring clean’ your property risk management plan. To help highlight some potential risk factors, we have delved into the depths of the RMS records to bring you the ‘Top 10 property losses’ – the 10 most common property losses affecting church organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The top 10 is based on the 5-year period ending 30 June 2014 where on average RMS assisted with 14 property losses each month – or about one every two days! The most common losses were: 1. Storm 2. ..

  • Travel Insurance to protect your Pathfinders this Camporee

    PATHFINDERS ON THE MOVE Key Message: Every person travelling from another country to Australia for the iThirst Pathfinder Camporee must have travel insurance before they commence their journey. Pathfinders is a fantastic ministry of our youth department and in January 2015 some 9,000 pathfinders are going to find their way to Toowoomba in Queensland for the iThirst South Pacific Division camporee. My pathfinder club (Avondale Memorial) has already begun the planning process and we can’t wait to get there and meet other pathfinders from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Gui..

  • Your Family is Worth It

    A safe workplace recognises family. You have families, friends, pets... some people even have cats. Every day you give of yourself; you contribute something positive to the world either through your job, through volunteering, or simply making a hot, nourishing meal for your family. You are loved and you love others. When it comes down to the real reason for why we work, we are here because of love. We are motivated by love. When we come to work it is so that we can provide for our families whom we find fulfillment in doing God's make the world a better place! We do..

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