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  • 13 Points to Communicate When Renting Your Church Property

    If your Church is considering renting their premises to another organisation or person, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the best way to proceed. Hiring out a church’s facilities for various functions such as weddings, meetings, presentations etc. can bring in additional income to help the local church. Offering facilities for community use is also a positive step toward maintaining good community relationships. It is the Church’s responsibility to ensure that buildings and amenities are safe for all people who come on site. Making sure that everythin..

  • 7 Things You Need to Specify to be Covered.

    Some categories of property are not protected under either building or contents cover unless they are specified. Unlike moveable equipment the below list represents property that is fixed or permanent. Signage Playground equipment Shade sails Swimming pools Fences Sheds Retaining walls For example, a shade sail is not easily moved but they can very easily be damaged in a violent storm; a church sign can’t really go anywhere so it can be a very tempting canvas for graffiti vandals; and a fence is neither part of a building’s structure or within its conte..

  • Changes to Extra Risks

    RMS has noticed that the price of laptops continues to fall, with replacement values of many models now being less than the $1250 per item limit applicable to the $5000 blanket cover. With some sites, particularly schools, having hundreds of laptop computers it became apparent quickly that we could not carry this risk for $100pa - being the current cost of a $5000 blanket cover. We hope that you will appreciate and understand the need for this change. The change means that all laptops, netbooks and tablets must be listed on an Extra Risk Schedule to be covered for accidental damage (s..

  • Copper Theft: How to turn $5,000 into $25

    “Metal theft is a ''lucrative and attractive venture for thieves'' according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, while the federal government has estimated the annual cost of the crime at $100 million”. Read more ( With copper prices rising more than 300% since 2008 and copper recyclers paying around $5 per kilo in a largely unregulated scrap metal industry, copper theft in Australia is on the rise. While any site with unsecured fixtures or plant and equipment is vulnera..

  • Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet

    RMS is pleased to announce the release of our new Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet. It is intended to be an easy to read and informative document that tells you everything you need to know to manage and make decisions about the Employee Effects Travel Protection Cover. If you have any questions about the information in the FactSheet or you would like to give us some feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Download the Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet. (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=99966) ..

  • Employee Relocation Protection – Get the Info!

    We’ve heard your feedback and we agree – the old Employee Relocation Forms needed to be updated. We also found there was a little confusion about what’s covered and when to get forms to us. So, we have prepared a new Information Pack that contains everything you – and your relocating staff – need to know about this cover. Inside the new Information Package you will find: Helpful hints and tips for relocating employees The FactSheet for Employee Relocation Protection (ERP) Cover (find out what is and is not covered) The ERP application form which m..

  • Game of Drones

    The use of drones may be beneficial to the Church work, but there are concerns which we should take seriously. A drone, as described by the Queensland Office of the Information Commissioner (, is an “unmanned aerial vehicle, which can be outfitted with sophisticated camera surveillance equipment. UAVs are controlled remotely by an operator or by an on board or central computer." Fun fact: We’ve already had enquiries from Church o..

  • Let’s make a date.

    We know too well just how daunting all of the fine print, the clauses, the acronyms and the ‘rules’ can be. To help make things clearer we’re using our fancy new website to bring you hot tips and answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. It’s something we’re keen to do because we're here to help you and this website was built with your needs in mind. So, let’s make a date and do this regularly! Speaking of dates…a regular question we get when people notify us of a loss is: “Do we have to provide a date for every propert..

  • New Extra Risks Cover - Costs less, covers more.

    Changes to Extra Risks cover will take effect from 1 July 2015. Several updates were made to the Extra Risks cover which will take effect from 1 July 2015. Here are the noteworthy highlights: 1. Broader coverage. The Type of Equipment that can be covered has been extended to include: a. Mission Vessels (excluding ski boats and jet skiis.) b. Trailers (for Australia only) 2. Rate reduction Contribution rates have reduced as follows: a. Blanket Cover reduced to 1.8% (previously 1.9%) b. Specific Cover reduced to 1.3% (previously 1.4%) c. Mission Vess..

  • New Rules in the Game of Drones

    The next generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or 'drones') are smaller and lighter in weight, prompting changes in both law and insurance. Previously, RMS was unable to offer any form of liability cover for drones causing damage or injury. Drones weighing under 2kg are now covered while being used for Church-related work. There are some important conditions you must be aware of: Cover does NOT extend to breaches of privacy. Cover does NOT extend to unlicensed operators. Cover does NOT extend to liability where laws have been broken. Ensure the next UAV flight for y..

  • One Simple Way to Lighten Your Insurance Load

    Chuck stuff out. Don’t organize it. Don’t buy pretty boxes from Ikea. Don’t look at storage solutions on Pinterest. Just bin it. Chuck it. Throw it. Donate it. Discard it. Delete it. If you don’t really need it, you don’t have to keep it. Here’s how that relates to insurance... Hazardous hoarding. Too often disasters and accidents could be lessened or avoided completely if things were not left to accumulate. Stuff that is hoarded can become a tripping hazard that could result in an expensive liability claim, or perhaps become the cause of a ..

  • One small cover change that you need to know.

    It’s official. As of July 1, 2015 Cash in Safe and Cash in Transit cover lines will no longer exist the way they used to. We brought the change ( to your attention a few months ago while the exact details were being refined. We are happy to share that Cash Cover is now part of contents cover, no separate application required. It also means that cash losses are now subject to the excess shown on your property certificate. We have streamlined the change so you don’t need to do anything, however, church organisations s..

  • Property Tip - 4 points for summertime property protection

    Unstable and damaging weather events seem to be affecting our region more than ever. With the unstable weather seasons in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific bringing storms, damaging winds, hail and fire; we remind you of these four points: Conduct some basic housekeeping now. Check gutters and roofs for leaves and debris, and arrange to have them cleaned out. Loose items kept outdoors should be secured. Keep buildings clear of dry, tall grass, rubbish or any combustible material, including chemicals. Pay attention to the advice of weather, fire and emerge..

  • Property Tip - Are you Covered?

    Are you sure that all the property and equipment belonging to your church organisation is covered? Could you be paying for cover that you no longer need? Read on to find out more... In May each year we send a property renewal notice to every office, church, company, school, aged care facility, Op Shop, college, factory, campground and medical facility that we know about. We do this so that we can provide an up-to-date list of all property to insurers. When you receive a property renewal notice it is important to check it carefully to ensure the list of property is current and to tell us..

  • Property Tip - Extra Risks Cover

    Did you know that regular Contents cover does not protect your SDA Church organisation against two common risks for portable equipment? Do you know what those two risks are and if your Church organisation is protected? The good news is that there is a special cover available, called Extra Risks cover that can respond when equipment is: Accidentally damaged (such as being dropped); or Lost or stolen when taken outside of a secure building or offsite to another location. Extra Risks cover responds in situations where Contents cover cannot. If your Church organisation has equ..

  • Protecting Property During Bushfire Season

    In various parts of the South Pacific and particularly Australia, it is important to plan ahead to reduce the likelihood and consequences of bushfire damaging church owned properties. Our Senior Risk Officer, Andrew Mowbray, suggests there are some simple things our leaders and local members can do before the weather heats up in preparation for the bushfire season: Look carefully at how much combustible material has accumulated on and around church-owned buildings. Move any combustible materials like woodpiles, boxes, crates, etc away from the facility and limit the amount of..

  • Red nosed? More like red-faced!

    It’s no fun at all when what was supposed to be a fun activity with a bunch of school kids or a youth group takes a turn for the worst. It can be especially embarrassing if the incident could have been prevented by checking off a few simple precautions. The safety and protection of children is something we cannot emphasise enough. We know our workers and volunteers are busy so we will keep this short in faith that you will read it and raise awareness amongst your people who are responsible for children and children’s activities. Always get parental permission for children ..

  • Risk Tip - Protect Valuables While Camping

    With holidays, Christmas events and summer camps fast approaching now is a good time to talk about event security, particularly camps. A point of interest for campground managers and organisers of camps, and the use of tents specifically, is the subject of security. Within a Conference tent, or a camper’s personal tent, sleeping gear, equipment and other valuables can possibly equate to a significant amount of money. It’s not a pleasant thought, but the possibility for theft is always there. Thankfully our Church-operated campgrounds experience very little crime thanks to..

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

    Everyone knows that it can be very embarrassing to slip, trip or fall over but did you know that it is also one of the most common causes of injury? Injuries from slips, trips or falls can occur at any time; however we see more incidents occurring during times of wet weather. Other common causes include poorly maintained or slippery floor surfaces, neglected housekeeping, materials placed in passageways, inappropriate footwear, obstructed views, and dimly lit stairwells. We often fail to recognize the serious consequences that a seemingly minor tumble can result in, but ..

  • The Top 10 Property Losses Affecting Church Organisations

    Now is as good a time as ever for you to ‘spring clean’ your property risk management plan. To help highlight some potential risk factors, we have delved into the depths of the RMS records to bring you the ‘Top 10 property losses’ – the 10 most common property losses affecting church organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The top 10 is based on the 5-year period ending 30 June 2014 where on average RMS assisted with 14 property losses each month – or about one every two days! The most common losses were: 1. Storm 2. ..

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