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  • 4 Things You Don't Like About Us

    You said some serious stuff about us, that’s okay, we’ll grow from it. Avondale Business School conducted research on our behalf, specifically regarding Work Health Safety (WHS) and what their findings show us is that we can do better in four key areas, but also we’re doing some things really well. Let’s start with the not-so-great results… 1. WHS Performance What the research shows is that entities where government accreditation is a primary driver in their operation, their WHS programs are good. Also, performance is good at large confer..

  • Andrew Mowbray joins RMS

    Bringing a depth of experience and knowledge to the RMS team is Mr Andrew Mowbray, who is taking on the role of Senior Risk Officer - Risk Control. Having worked in a variety of roles within Qantas, Andrew’s 25 years’ experience in Property, Security and Facilities Management offers valuable benefit to RMS and the wider Church. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Security), a Diploma of Facilities Management and an Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering. I had the opportunity to interview Andrew, here are some of the highlights: Tell me a little about yourself and what..

  • Are You Ready for Anything?

    Business Interruption or "BI" for short is the risk of interruption to business operations and can result from different scenarios including: Traditional property damage Cyber weaknesses or attacks Non-damage BI Supply chain Acts of Terrorism Environmental causes Product recall Marine transit We're Hosting a Business Interruption Information Seminar. Hosted by Risk Management Service, this dynamic information session will help business professionals learn more about the causes and impacts of Business Interruption (BI) and the insurance solutions available to church organi..

  • Calendar Rulers are Back!

    These six-year calendar rulers are a long-standing RMS tradition and are highly sought after. The good news is that they're back and we're ready to give them away! These nifty little tools are made of quality plastic with a 20cm ruler along one edge and an 8in ruler on the opposite edge, measuring 21 x 10cm they fit perfectly into a standard DL sized envelope. Printed on both sides with calendars for 2016 through to 2021 - you're covered for this "quinquennium" and beyond! Create your own user feedback survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/customer-satisfaction-surveys/)..

  • Cash Cover - Gone but not Forgotten

    Back in June we told you that Cash in Safe and Cash in Transit cover would cease to exist as separate cover lines but would become part of contents cover. While the cover has been “moved” so to speak, there are still the same expectations as before about how cash should be managed. These expectations influence how a cash loss is assessed. Do you know what those expectations are? Take our quick quiz to find out… Cash posted in the mail is not protected by insurance cover. True or False? Cash should be deposited in the bank on the day it is received. True or F..

  • Changes to Extra Risks

    RMS has noticed that the price of laptops continues to fall, with replacement values of many models now being less than the $1250 per item limit applicable to the $5000 blanket cover. With some sites, particularly schools, having hundreds of laptop computers it became apparent quickly that we could not carry this risk for $100pa - being the current cost of a $5000 blanket cover. We hope that you will appreciate and understand the need for this change. The change means that all laptops, netbooks and tablets must be listed on an Extra Risk Schedule to be covered for accidental damage (s..

  • Cyber Confidence - An Introduction

    Bolting out of the 'emerging risk' category, cyber threat is absolutely real, constantly evolving and happening right now. As custodians of our organisation's insurance and risk we are getting this message loud and clear from across all experts in our industry. Adventist Church Technology Services (formerly known as SPD IT) have first-hand experience in thwarting cyber-attacks, and they're concerned for the potential unknown vulnerabilities of the more than 3000 users across the SPD network. We’ve touched on this topic in the past, here (http://www.rms.org.au/news/church-cyber-..

  • Danelle Morton joins RMS

    Stepping in as our Communications / Admin Assistant (Maternity Relief) is Avondale College graduate, Danelle Morton. Danelle graduated last year receiving a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Visual Communication and a minor in Communication. As part of her course she worked on numerous design projects, most notably in the role of Project Manager for the 2013 Jacaranda. Serving RMS for two days a week and studying a Diploma of Marketing in her ‘spare time’ will see Danelle continue her learning and professional development beyond the Avondale experience. Lighting..

  • Do you need WHS templates?

    Have you been wondering how you can get your hands on some WHS templates? Many of our Work Health and Safety (WHS) resources have only been available through our 'Member Only' area of this website. Thanks to your feedback we have developed four new template documents for WHS activities that we're happy to share freely to you. We are continually working on improving our pool of resources - forms, factsheets, checklists and manuals. Most of them can be found by searching our website, but if there's something you need and can't find please do get in touch with us! You might also be inter..

  • Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet

    RMS is pleased to announce the release of our new Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet. It is intended to be an easy to read and informative document that tells you everything you need to know to manage and make decisions about the Employee Effects Travel Protection Cover. If you have any questions about the information in the FactSheet or you would like to give us some feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. Download the Employee Effects Travel Protection Fact Sheet. (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=99966) ..

  • Employee Relocation Protection – Get the Info!

    We’ve heard your feedback and we agree – the old Employee Relocation Forms needed to be updated. We also found there was a little confusion about what’s covered and when to get forms to us. So, we have prepared a new Information Pack that contains everything you – and your relocating staff – need to know about this cover. Inside the new Information Package you will find: Helpful hints and tips for relocating employees The FactSheet for Employee Relocation Protection (ERP) Cover (find out what is and is not covered) The ERP application form which m..

  • Event Success! Get on board for 2017.

    Hosted by Risk Management Service, the first ever Safety and Risk Forum took place on August 16-17, 2016. A unique gathering of work, health and safety and risk professionals from across the Church network this inaugural event featured prominent international speakers. “Ideas that Change Culture” was the overarching theme of the Forum where delegates were invited to network, share ideas, and ultimately think differently about the safety and risk culture within the Church. “The old ways aren’t always the best ways,” shared Paul Rubessa, Manager of Risk Man..

  • Farewell Lorraine Atchia

    It was a sombre mood in the RMS office with the recent departure of our friend and colleague Lorraine Atchia, who had been serving as our Administrative Assistant for the past two years. Lorraine brought various skills with her which added value to RMS, the most obvious being her vivacious personality. She also brought an infectious vibrancy to the team, positively impacting our communication with our clients. Backing this up was her incredible flair for words and her ability to get things done. Lorraine, and husband Kenny, decided to move back to her hometown in Melbourne - an..

  • Finding Balance

    There is a saying that is usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin that says “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. This saying dates back to 1789 and unfortunately both death and taxes are still certainties in our world today. I’d like to propose another certainty – that in this world things will happen and sometimes the things that happen will be things we’d rather didn’t happen. If you are like me you might need to re-read that a couple of times before it sinks in. If unexpected adverse events are a certai..

  • Godspeed, Paul.

    RMS Manager, Paul Rubessa, has accepted a call to lead ADRA Australia as their new CEO. Paul has served in RMS for 11 years, the last 7 years as Manager. During that time his foresight, strategic planning and ability to lead people has seen numerous improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of RMS. Paul has been a diligent steward of the Church’s insurance, risk and safety programs, focused on protecting the financial performance of the RMS investment portfolio to ensure it is prepared to respond to the ever changing environment in which the Church operates. Paul will finish his ..

  • Hello I.T.?

    Technology is not something we can hide from, so part of our strategic plan is how we can use technology to improve our work so we can help you better. Now an integral part of our lives, technology, while frustrating at times can make processes a lot simpler and efficient at other times. Several of our strategic IT goals were achieved in the previous quinquennium, including how customers interact with us online and electronically, as well as improving internal IT processes. Many of our planned improvements in the technology area will involve how RMS manages the data it collects..

  • Jocelyn McMahon retires after 47 years.

    A valued RMS team member since 2003, Jocelyn McMahon brought her special brand of warmth coupled with efficiency to the role of Workers Compensation Coordinator. The RMS team will miss her service with a smile and can-do approach to any problem. “What you give, you receive,” reflects Jocelyn when asked about her career highlights. “I’ve enjoyed it all, actually. The different people I’ve worked with. The RMS trip to Penang was a highlight. So was my trip to the Solomon Islands with SPD.” Jocelyn graduated from Avondale College in 1967 and follo..

  • Ken Marsh retires after 26 years

    Pursuing his personal interests and passions is what Ken Marsh is looking forward to when he retires from his role as Senior Advisor – Safety Management next month. Ken started his career in 1967 with the Royal Australian Air Force as an engine fitter and “musterer” which saw him serve at Williamtown base (near Newcastle) and Butterworth, Malaysia. Ken took on Church work in 1989 soon after Government legislation required organisations to report on and be accountable for safety issues. Back then Ken worked out of Victoria helping Church entities with compliance. In 199..

  • Meet our New Manager

    Taking over the reins of RMS, and replacing Paul Rubessa as Manager is our own Jonathan Hale. For the past six years, Jonathan has served as Assistant Manager for RMS, a role which allowed him to demonstrate his effective claims management skills, attention to detail, great communication and discernment, the ability to negotiate and build solid working relationships with solicitors, insurance brokers and the wider church. Now, Jonathan steps into the Manager's role, a responsibility which he does not take lightly. "Putting my hand up for this position did not come easily," states Jona..

  • New Extra Risks Cover - Costs less, covers more.

    Changes to Extra Risks cover will take effect from 1 July 2015. Several updates were made to the Extra Risks cover which will take effect from 1 July 2015. Here are the noteworthy highlights: 1. Broader coverage. The Type of Equipment that can be covered has been extended to include: a. Mission Vessels (excluding ski boats and jet skiis.) b. Trailers (for Australia only) 2. Rate reduction Contribution rates have reduced as follows: a. Blanket Cover reduced to 1.8% (previously 1.9%) b. Specific Cover reduced to 1.3% (previously 1.4%) c. Mission Vess..

  • New Look Website

    We are delighted to inform you of the launch of our new website! It offers a completely new look and feel that we hope will dramatically improve the way our customers experience and interact with RMS. When we started this project the primary goals for the new website were: To update the look of the website to reflect the new branding. Improve the tone and ‘feel’ to be friendlier and more helpful. Include content that our customers would find interesting, easy to read and actually useful. Provide a system that can be easily updated and maintained by internal staff. ..

  • One small cover change that you need to know.

    It’s official. As of July 1, 2015 Cash in Safe and Cash in Transit cover lines will no longer exist the way they used to. We brought the change (http://www.rms.org.au/news/goodbye-cash-hello-property) to your attention a few months ago while the exact details were being refined. We are happy to share that Cash Cover is now part of contents cover, no separate application required. It also means that cash losses are now subject to the excess shown on your property certificate. We have streamlined the change so you don’t need to do anything, however, church organisations s..

  • One small step for travellers.

    Our Short Term Travel Online Request form has a new field and it’s all about protecting you! The form field is called “Email address of person at that organisation responsible for authorising your application & accepting the cost”. Ok, so we won't be winning any literary awards for brevity but we wanted to be really clear, here's why... This authorisation check protects the individual traveller. Our Short Term Travel cover is available to workers and volunteers travelling on church-related business. If it was found that the travel was not related to the church,..

  • Phil Hart retires after 49 years

    This month we say goodbye to Senior Risk Officer, Phil Hart. At the tender age of 15 Phil started working for Sanitarium at their Sydney retail store stacking shelves and within four years he was promoted to Shop Supervisor before shipping out for compulsory military service. After 18 months he returned to his Supervisor role at Sanitarium and in 1976 he transferred to the Canberra store as senior sales supervisor where he stayed for over 10 years before a promotion to Assistant Retail Manager took him to Sanitarium in Auckland, New Zealand. When the role of Senior Risk Officer &n..

  • Protecting Property During Bushfire Season

    In various parts of the South Pacific and particularly Australia, it is important to plan ahead to reduce the likelihood and consequences of bushfire damaging church owned properties. Our Senior Risk Officer, Andrew Mowbray, suggests there are some simple things our leaders and local members can do before the weather heats up in preparation for the bushfire season: Look carefully at how much combustible material has accumulated on and around church-owned buildings. Move any combustible materials like woodpiles, boxes, crates, etc away from the facility and limit the amount of..

  • Red nosed? More like red-faced!

    It’s no fun at all when what was supposed to be a fun activity with a bunch of school kids or a youth group takes a turn for the worst. It can be especially embarrassing if the incident could have been prevented by checking off a few simple precautions. The safety and protection of children is something we cannot emphasise enough. We know our workers and volunteers are busy so we will keep this short in faith that you will read it and raise awareness amongst your people who are responsible for children and children’s activities. Always get parental permission for children ..

  • Risk Dollars. Work Smarter.

    Launched in November the Risk and Safety Funding program is already helping Church organisations solve risk and safety problems. What is it? RMS is so deeply committed to helping Church organisations get their risk and safety in order that we’re putting our money where our mouths are. RMS is budgeting funds, annually for the next 5 years, specifically for solving risk and safety-related issues identified within our Church organisations. We believe that a safer and less risky organization will help our Church achieve its mission. How does it work? RMS is working ..

  • RMS Says Farewell to Linzi Aitken

    The RMS team is sad and excited at the same time. How can this be? Well we are sad because our friend, workmate and communications guru, Linzi Aitken is leaving – temporarily. We are excited because Linzi, husband Brett, and very cute daughter Lily (4) will soon be welcoming a new baby into their home. But it won’t only be RMS that misses Linzi, anyone who phones or visits the RMS office will miss her welcoming smile and helpful can do attitude. Linzi has made a huge contribution to RMS in the past couple of years – being responsible for our new look website,..

  • Serenity Now!

    One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is the volume of detailed information and documentation that seems part and parcel of Work Health and Safety. It certainly overwhelms us, our research shows that it overwhelms you too, and that’s the last thing we want. Feeling like a hot mess about all this WHS stuff is not productive or conducive to a ‘safer’ working environment. That’s why one of our strategic goals for the next five years is to develop practical risk and safety resources. The key word being “practical”. Our goal for these res..

  • Standing is the New Black

    In case you’ve been too busy beavering away at your work to notice, sit-to-stand desks are the cult office product du jour. Presented with the alarming results of research (conducted by Sanitarium’s Vitality Works) into the health and wellbeing of Adventist workers, the RMS team decided to take a stand – both literally and figuratively – by installing sit-to-stand desks in most of their offices. Also known as “active workstations”, “stand-up desks” or “adjustable height desks” this new way of working promises to reduc..

  • Team Building Day - Masterchefs in RMS!

    While much of Australia were lost in Melbourne Cup fever, Team RMS drove in convoy to a quiet location, tucked away in the “foodie” village of Danks Street, Surry Hills. There we were welcomed by a very vivacious and sociable host, Wanitha, who guided us in the preparation of gourmet delights. Chef hats were donned, aprons were fitted and hands disinfected - Team RMS took on every culinary challenge that was set! From handmade vegetable samosas to rhubarb tarts, together we cooked a delicious vegetarian luncheon any local church potluck coordinator would be proud of! Sa..

  • The Big Picture

    Most days at RMS we are up to our eyeballs in thousands of pages of insurance policy documents, work health and safety legislation or developing responses to emerging risk issues. When it’s like this it is easy to be consumed by the detail and forget the purpose. Lately, we have been intentionally focusing on our core purpose – which is to help make more and better disciples. Yes, our contribution to disciple making is a little different – even unique within the South Pacific Division – but it is a necessary and powerful enabler and protector of our church&rsq..

  • Welcome Minerva Hermosilla-Garcia

    We are privileged to introduce our new full-time Administrative Assistant, Minerva Hermosilla-Garcia. Originally from Spain, Minerva has previously worked for our sister organisation Adventist Risk Management in the UK for seven years. Some of you may recognise Minerva from her most recent position as a sales assistant at the Adventist Book Centre in the SAN. Minerva, her husband, and their three children responded to a call to ministry which saw them embark on the big move from the UK to Australia. Minerva’s husband, Jonathan, is currently the pastor of Wetherill Park and Ca..

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