Marine Cargo

Land, sea or air? We’re ready.

Marine Cargo Cover offers protection against physical damage or loss to property while being transported from one location to another whether by land, sea or air.

It is an important consideration before transporting valuable plant, equipment, stock or other property because normal property cover excludes damage or loss occurring during transportation.

RMS purchases Marine Cargo cover for use by Seventh-day Adventist Church organisations.  Cover is not automatic so you need to apply using the application form under the resources section to the right.  It can take a couple of days to organise cover so it is best not to leave it to the last minute. Alternatively, if your church organisation regularly transports property please talk to us about establishing an annual cover for all transits within a 12-month period.

When might your church organisation need Marine cover?

  • Your church organisation is relocating
  • You are sending materials for a fly ‘n’ build or other mission project
  • You need to transport an item that you have bought or sold
  • Any other time you are transporting valuable property

Need to know more? Contact us for further information and help.