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SAFETY TIPS 6 Dec 2021

Training for Adventist Leaders

With the sharp rise in psychological injury claims in the Australian workplace generally, Risk Management Service sought to better equip Adventist leaders in best practice psychological injury management, prevention strategies and resilience training. RMS engaged expert psychologists, Kate Thomson and Heizy Serrels, from Resilia and the Centre for Corporate

10 Nov 2020

New building and construction works

Risk Management Service would like to make you aware that insurers have tightened their internal procedures in relation to providing cover for new building purchases and new building constructions. As a result, it can take considerable time for sites to gather the necessary information required and for an application


5 Nov 2020

What to do before bad weather hits.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s outlook for October to April shows an increased risk of flooding in eastern Australia and an increase in the likelihood of tropical cyclones in the north and the Pacific Community for the 2020/21 cyclone season. The usual risk of bushfires, heatwaves and severe thunderstorms for


18 Oct 2020

We’ve made it easier to report a loss.

In an effort to make it easier and quicker for Adventist sites to get back to the business of mission after a loss event, RMS has made changes to the Loss Reporting process. This small but time-saving change pushes back the need to complete the Schedule of Property form


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