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SAFETY TIPS 21 Nov 2022

Working with Fireworks

Are you planning a fireworks display for your Carols or New Year’s Eve events? Do you know the financial consequences if something goes wrong? Without going into the complexity of insurance layers, exclusions and excess policies we want to give you a straight heads-up: THERE IS NO LIABILITY COVER

24 Mar 2022

How to Save Money on Insurance

Tip #1 – Don’t pay for cover you don’t need. Seems obvious that you wouldn’t want to pay for something you don’t need, however, when last did you check your Adventist site’s Certificate of Cover? You may find items of property, contents or extra risks that the site no


3 Mar 2022

Suffered a loss? Here’s what to do now.

Your Adventist site has experienced a property loss. To get the best possible outcome, and get you back to the business of mission sooner DOCUMENTATION IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. We cannot stress this enough. Good documentation will help your site THE MOST in the event of a covered loss. Without


6 Dec 2021

Training for Adventist Leaders

With the sharp rise in psychological injury claims in the Australian workplace generally, Risk Management Service sought to better equip Adventist leaders in best practice psychological injury management, prevention strategies and resilience training. RMS engaged expert psychologists, Kate Thomson and Heizy Serrels, from Resilia and the Centre for Corporate


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