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SAFETY TIPS 3 Aug 2022

RMS Conducts Broker Review

Risk Management Service has commenced a thorough broker review process for the Adventist Church organisation’s extensive insurance portfolio. Risk Management Service has engaged The Lion Partnership to guide us through a comprehensive tender of our insurance broking services sourced locally in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  This review

21 Oct 2021

Is your church a breath of fresh air?

Governments around the region have announced reopening roadmaps that include COVID safety considerations for building ventilation within places of worship. Could this have a double benefit for church-goers? As we all know too well by now, public health advice cautions that COVID-19 can be transmitted by contact with droplets


2 Jul 2021

Extra Risks Cover – Excess increase, rates reduced.

From 1 July 2021, RMS has increased excess amounts and reduced contribution rates for Extra Risks Cover. Extra Risks cover is a special cover that responds when equipment is accidentally damaged (such as being dropped); or lost or stolen when taken outside of a secure building or offsite to


29 Jun 2021

Increased costs of cover for Australia.

RMS can confirm that property cover for the 2021/22 renewal is bound – good news for the resilience and sustainability of the Adventist Church organisation for another year. For Australia, however, this renewal is characterised by higher premium prices, with insurers decreasing capacity, coverage and sub-limits. Insurers have experienced


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