Travel Claims 101: Keep good records.

Even if your claim is legitimate, forgetting vital documents or evidence can leave you out of pocket. Keep meticulous records to avoid hiccups in your claim process.

Here are three key essentials for a successful travel claim:

1. Keep Detailed Travel Records
Claims assessors may ask you to provide copies of:

    • Tickets
    • Itineraries
    • Boarding passes
    • Accommodation booking confirmations
    • Emails or letters proving travel is for approved church-related business

2. Evidence to substantiate loss or injury
For example:

    • Airline’s ‘property irregularity report’ for damaged luggage
    • Police report for theft, loss or assault
    • Doctor’s or clinic invoice, letter, report or certificate (remember, you must have evidence that you sought medical help while you were abroad!)
    • Photos of damage or injury
    • Additional expenses as a direct result of loss or injury
    • Quotes from a reputable retailer or receipts – screenshots are not enough

3. Proof of Ownership
For a successful claim you must be able to prove that you own the item damaged, lost or stolen.

    • Receipts showing you purchased the property
    • Bank or credit card statement showing you purchased item if receipts cannot be provided
    • Photos of the item in your possession, or being worn by you
    • Certificates and valuations proving replacement value

Remember, time is of the essence. Don’t delay in submitting your claim as there are time limits, and gathering all necessary documentation can be a lengthy process. Stay organised, and your claim process will be smooth sailing!