Report a Loss

If a covered loss occurs, we are ready to help.

Don’t miss out!

Notify RMS immediately of any loss or any event that might lead to a loss.
Reporting too late could affect the success of a claim.

Tel: + 61 2 9847 3375
Freecall within Australia – 1800 818 863
Freecall within New Zealand – 0800 446 280

Some insurance policies and covers have a ‘limitation of time’ clause that requires notification of a loss within a certain time period or it can result in your claim being declined. So, the sooner we know about a loss, the quicker you can access funds and get back to the important stuff – mission!

To report a loss fill in our online loss form.

Q: What does it mean to ‘report a loss’?

Think of reporting a loss as simply giving RMS a summary of a breaking news story, you need to tell us:

  • What caused the loss? (e.g. cyclone, break & enter, impact damage)
  • When did it happen? (date and time)
  • Where did it happen? (location of where the loss occurred)
  • Who suffered the loss? (person or organisation)
  • How much will it cost to reinstate? (by best guess or estimate)

Once we know all of this ‘high-level’ info, we can start to investigate the loss and commence the loss resolution process.

It is a simple 2-step process to report a loss:

Step 1

Tell us what you know!

  • Call or email RMS, or complete the online loss notification form. If you prefer paper, download the PDF Loss Notification Form and complete the first page.
  • If the loss is expected to exceed $5,000 (estimated) you should telephone RMS immediately and speak with our Loss Resolution Officer.
  • Do not wait for invoices and quotes in order to report the loss – report the loss immediately.

Step 2

If you chose to complete the PDF Loss Notification form then send it to RMS via email. The email address is shown on the form.

If you chose to submit an online Loss Notification form then you will hear from the RMS Loss Resolution Officer within 7 business days.

If an itemised inventory of property lost/damaged/stolen is required then our Loss Resolution Officer will advise and guide you through this process. After you’ve completed Steps 1 and 2, RMS will begin to process your loss. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We are ready to help.

We understand that suffering a loss is at the very least annoying but in some situations it can be quite overwhelming. Whether it is storm damage to church property or stolen bags while travelling overseas we will do our best to help.

Some losses are simple and straight forward and can be resolved quickly.  Others are complex and require expert investigators and loss adjusters – these losses take longer to finalise.

Whether your loss is big or small, simple or complex there are some basic actions that you can take that will help everyone involved:

Take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss.
Never place yourself or others in danger, but if it is safe to do so take steps to limit the loss and keep the area around the loss safe. If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Notify the police or other relevant authorities of any criminal activity.
If the loss involves vandalism, burglary, theft or any other illegal activity always obtain a police report as RMS or insurers may require you to provide a copy.

Don’t dispose of any damaged items without asking us.
The insurer or loss adjusters may need to inspect the items to complete their assessment so please store it safely until we tell you that it is no longer required or the loss is finalised.

Take some photos.
If it is safe to do so, please take some photos of the damage or loss as they may assist RMS or insurers with the assessment of the loss.

Obtain and keep all invoices and quotes related to the loss.
RMS and insurers will nearly always require quotes and invoices before paying for any loss. If you anticipate any difficulty in obtaining quotes or invoices please contact us to discuss your situation.

Like you, we are Adventist. And like you, we want to see your ministry thrive, so we endeavour to resolve losses as quickly as possible. We are here to support you so please don’t hesitate to contact us in the event of loss.