Extra Risks

Cover for portable equipment.

Extra Risks cover is a special cover that responds when equipment is:

  • Accidentally damaged (such as being dropped); or
  • Lost or stolen when taken outside of a secure building or offsite to another location.

Extra Risks cover is important as regular contents cover does not protect your Seventh-day Adventist Church organisation against these two risks. If your church organisation has equipment that is moved around or taken offsite regularly then you should consider Extra Risks cover.

Find out more about Extra Risks cover by reading the Extra Risks Fact Sheet or contact us with your questions.

If you simply need to make changes to your Extra Risks Cover (such as adding or deleting items) please write, email or fax the details to us.

Extra Risks – TLC Cover

In an effort to improve efficiency and reduce the burden of providing RMS with an itemised list of computers, laptops and tablets, Risk Management Service has developed a new sub-category of Extra Risks cover called “TLC Cover”.

Under the new sub-category you will no longer be required to provide RMS with an itemised list of computers, laptops and tablets owned by your organisation.

From now on all you need to do is provide RMS with the total replacement value of all computers, laptops and tablets owned by your organisation.

To find out more about Extra Risks cover, or to calculate the cost of cover, please download the Extra Risks Fact Sheet.

Damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen?

Notify RMS immediately of any loss or any event that might lead to a loss.
Once we know about the loss we can start to help you. It is also important as some covers and insurances have a ‘limitation of time clause’ that requires you to notify RMS or insurers within certain time periods.

Unfortunately, failure to notify RMS within four weeks of any event giving rise to a loss shall provide sufficient reason for RMS to refuse payment under the terms of the cover.