8 Must-Know Travel Essentials to Save Money and Stress!

Heading off on a trip for church business? Of course, you should never leave home without travel insurance. It’s essential for protecting your finances if things go wrong. But what steps can you take to avoid a time-consuming and expensive claim in the first place?

Here are our 8 travel essentials that will cost you less than a travel claim. These will help safeguard your trip and hopefully, avoid a claim.

1. AirTag

At a time when driverless cars and AI reign supreme, it’s surprising that airlines can still misplace your luggage! Keep an eye on your belongings by investing in an AirTag, SmartTag, or a similar tracking device. Simply tuck it into your bag, and if your luggage decides to take an unexpected detour, you’ll have the upper hand in showing the airline exactly where it’s hiding.

2. Combination Lock

Always secure your bags with combination padlocks. Use the same code for all your luggage (just not the same as your bank PIN!) and even for hotel safes. It’s a simple way to protect your belongings.

3. RFID cards and wallets

Guard your personal data against digital theft using RFID-blocking cards and wallets. These tools thwart unauthorized scanning of your cards, ensuring your information remains secure and protected.

4. Reputable Airline Tickets

Opting for budget airline tickets might seem like a steal, but it often comes with expensive pitfalls like flight cancellations, getting bumped, and unforeseen accommodation or transport costs. Investing a bit more in a ticket from a reputable airline can significantly reduce these risks.

5. Local SIM Card

For a small cost, a local SIM keeps you connected without relying on dodgy public Wi-Fi. You can contact family, get emergency support from your travel insurance, and access safety information easily.

6. Water Filter

A personal water filtration system, like those used for hiking, is compact and effective at filtering out harmful bacteria. Avoid being confined to your room with a nasty case of giardia.

7. Insect Repellent and Medical Supplies

Even in places without malaria or Zika, insect bites can ruin your trip. Pack:

  • Repellent to prevent bites
  • Anti-itch cream to stop scratching and infection
  • Antibiotics in case of an infected bite
  • Antihistamines if you’re allergic to bites

Discuss these options with your doctor before you leave.

8. Sanitizer Gel and Disinfectant Wipes

From airplane bathrooms to remote locations, having sanitizer gel or disinfectant wipes can be a lifesaver when facilities aren’t clean.

By taking these precautions, you can enjoy a hassle-free trip and avoid the inconvenience and expense of a travel claim. Bon voyage!