Cash Cover – Gone but not Forgotten

Back in June we told you that Cash in Safe and Cash in Transit cover would cease to exist as separate cover lines but would become part of contents cover.

While the cover has been “moved” so to speak, there are still the same expectations as before about how cash should be managed. These expectations influence how a cash loss is assessed. Do you know what those expectations are? Take our quick quiz to find out…

  1. Cash posted in the mail is not protected by insurance cover. True or False?
  2. Cash should be deposited in the bank on the day it is received. True or False?
  3. Contents cover protects cash loss as a result of criminal acts of employees. True or False?
  4. Filing cabinets are safe places to keep cash. True or False?
  5. There is no cover for cash left unattended in a vehicle. True or False? 

How do you think you went? If you want to discover the correct answers to these questions download our one-page resource to find out how cash should be handled in SDA Church organisations.

As always, if you have any questions please talk to us.