Employee Relocation Rates Down

It is a great time of year to pass on good news and RMS is pleased to announce that the contribution rates for Employee Relocation cover were officially reduced on 1 December 2013 – just in time for the busiest moving season of the year.

Rates have been reduced by up to 10% which means the cost to cover $100,000 of household contents being transported by road is now $110 cheaper – which is a direct saving for church employers.

“We are very excited about this rate reduction” says RMS Manager, Paul Rubessa. “While Employee Relocation losses tend to be random events and somewhat difficult to predict, the loss experience over recent years has been better than expected. We will continue to monitor our loss experience and if losses remain steady (or even better they decline) then we may be able to consider further rate reductions going forward”.

This is also a good time to remind employers about the new Employee Relocation Protection Information Pack released last year. The package contains helpful and important information for employers and employees including all the forms to apply for cover. There is even an excel based electronic application that makes adding up the Schedule of Household Contents so much easier. You can download all of this information from the Employee Relocation page on the RMS website.

To all employees moving over year-end we wish you and your goods safe travels and hope you enjoy your new location and responsibilities in 2014.