Ocean Rips: Australia’s Most Dangerous Threat

A Fairfax Media article reports on a recent study which found that ocean rips kill more people in Australia on average each year than tropical cyclones, bushfires, floods and shark attacks combined.

On average, 21 people drown in rips around Australia each year, compared with eight killed in cyclones and six in bushfires, reported the University of NSW rip expert Dr Rob Brander. You can read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald website here.

One of our RMS team members recalls getting caught out in a rip during a church summer camp many years ago, “I was out of my depth very quickly,” she said. “I remember putting my hand up while my friends called the lifeguard. I was very lucky there was a guard on duty that day.”

If you are planning a dip in the ocean this summer, or you’re organising a beach outing for a church social or Pathfinders we encourage you to take a few minutes to get informed about ocean rips by watching the video above. It shows you how to spot a rip and what to do if you get caught in one.

Our best advice, though, is to ensure you and your church group enjoys the fun of the sand, surf and sun between the red and yellow flags on a patrolled beach.