Team Building Day – Masterchefs in RMS!

While much of Australia were lost in Melbourne Cup fever, Team RMS drove in convoy to a quiet location, tucked away in the “foodie” village of Danks Street, Surry Hills. There we were welcomed by a very vivacious and sociable host, Wanitha, who guided us in the preparation of gourmet delights.

Chef hats were donned, aprons were fitted and hands disinfected – Team RMS took on every culinary challenge that was set! From handmade vegetable samosas to rhubarb tarts, together we cooked a delicious vegetarian luncheon any local church potluck coordinator would be proud of!

Safety was taken very seriously as Ms Wanitha demonstrated proper knife skills, and highlighted the importance of communication. We are happy to say there were no incidents.

It was less a case of ‘too many cooks’ and more of ‘many hands make light work’ because after lots of laughter and what seemed like very little effort a magnificent and tantalizing spread was enjoyed.

Team building was the aim of the day and our small team certainly ended the day feeling a little closer and better acquainted. It is amazing what you learn about each other when you spend a few hours away from the office doing something fun!

“If you can laugh together, you can work together.”