The Real Cost of Cheap Flights

At RMS, we don’t mince words when it comes to safety, especially regarding church-related travel. While snagging a bargain flight is enticing, you need to know the potential risks that come with low-rated, budget airlines.

Let’s face it: those slashed prices might be a sign of cut corners in crucial areas like maintenance, cleanliness, reliability, security measures, and airline staff working conditions. A few dollars saved upfront could lead to significant regrets down the line, like cancelled flights, lost bags and being stranded in a foreign country.

A few years ago, we discovered that a group of young travellers returned from a mission trip on a very poorly rated, budget airline. For a small price difference, a safer and more reputable airline could have been chosen for their journey home.

While Australia and New Zealand boast safe air travel standards thanks to top airlines like Qantas and Air New Zealand, sometimes discernment is needed even on home soil. Our local budget airline carriers can be problematic for travellers, notoriously delaying or cancelling flights, losing luggage or charging eye-watering rates for extra bags.

Risks are heightened when crossing international borders. It’s worth noting that some of the world’s lowest-rated airlines operate in regions like Suriname, Indonesia, and Nepal—frequent destinations for church business.

While RMS doesn’t dictate travel decisions for employees, volunteers, or students, we strongly urge Adventist church organisations to prioritise booking safe, reliable airlines. It may mean stretching the budget somewhat, but ensuring your people fly on airlines with good safety records and fewer financial pitfalls is paramount.

The key takeaway here? Research airline safety ratings, quality standards, reliability and passenger comfort before booking. And never embark on an overseas trip without proper travel insurance—whether it’s for work or personal reasons.

RMS is here to assist with tailored travel insurance for church-related travel, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way.