Hello, we’ve had some work done.

Well it is out with the old and in with the brand aligned, scale-able and mobile compatible online presence.


Earlier in May, and with the help, guidance and technical expertise of the designers and developers at eBrands, we quietly launched our new website.

We are pleased that our site is one of the first, if not the first, Adventist organisation with a website that is designed and coded in harmony with the General Conference brand guidelines.

Specifically, we’ve incorporated the 7-column “creation grid” design structure and ensured that it – along with the Church logo – scales beautifully on any device, including mobiles. This means that whatever size your screen, the website will always appear with the seventh column and Church logo. This was a key ‘must have’ in our brief to the design agency and we want to thank and acknowledge the skill of eBrands for their fantastic work on this.

Why was this element an essential part of our new website? Because we want everyone to know that the Risk Management Service is Adventist. Over the years we’ve had several conversations where people haven’t recognised or realised that RMS is in fact a dedicated service department of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are here for Seventh-day Adventists, and have been here since 1972.

Another new feature of our website is a secure member area for Church employees. The member area is the home for all content that is useful to Church employed professionals and their work. Adventist employees can request membership and receive access to information such as corporate travel cover policies, training videos, event information as well as risk and safety resources. If you wish to gain access, please sign up using your work email address (this is best done on a desktop or laptop).

Finally, our two key online forms – the Short Term Travel Cover application, and the Public Liability Confirmation – are now easier to read and use across all devices. Plus we have a dedicated, searchable ‘Document Library’ for those times when you know what you’re looking for but don’t have time to browse.

We hope you enjoy using our new website, let us know what you think! And, if Facebook is a place where you sometimes hangout online, please drop by our page and give us a “Like”, we would love to see more of you there!

Photo credit: Ross Findon on Unsplash