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  • Your Family is Worth It

    A safe workplace recognises family. You have families, friends, pets... some people even have cats. Every day you give of yourself; you contribute something positive to the world either through your job, through volunteering, or simply making a hot, nourishing meal for your family. You are loved and you love others. When it comes down to the real reason for why we work, we are here because of love. We are motivated by love. When we come to work it is so that we can provide for our families whom we find fulfillment in doing God's make the world a better place! We do..

  • Make Single-Tasking Your #1

    Studies show that focusing and immersing yourself in one task at a time is the answer to boosting your productivity, increasing accuracy and improving your brain on a biological level. Psychologists and neurology experts call it “single-tasking” and research shows that it is better for your brain, and the outcomes of your projects, than multi-tasking. Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., founder and director of Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas, Dallas describes multi-tasking as “toxic” to your brain. Dr Chapman states, “Multitasking is a brain drain t..

  • Mandatory Reporting of Eligible Data Breaches

    Australia’s Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are both now in effect, with New Zealand not far behind. This is a clear indication that it is time to get serious about data security and protecting the privacy of individuals. In Australia, eligible data breaches – i.e. potentially harmful data breaches – must be notified to the affected individuals as well as the Office of the Australian Information Commission within 30 days of the suspected breach. Any private sector or not-for-profit org..

  • Worth the Risk? A must-read for youth activities coordinators.

    Our Church organisation is regularly involved with and in control of recreational activities that bear varying degrees of risk, for example; bike riding, abseiling, canoeing. Recently, some inquiries have come through to us about whether or not a particular activity is “allowed” or “covered by insurance”, for example, trampolining*. We aren’t huge fans of the term “covered by insurance” because we feel that insurance isn’t there to protect participants from harm; insurance is there to simply reduce the financial burden for the organisation in ..

  • CLOSED - Senior Risk Officer - Loss Resolution

    This role suits a professional who would enjoy applying their detailed analytical skill and financial acumen with compassion, understanding and a ‘ready to help’ attitude. Working in Risk Management Service your primary objective as Senior Risk Officer – Loss Resolution is to resolve insurance losses and respond to enquiries to assist church organisations with their insurance needs by interpreting and analysing policy documents. You are responsible for the resolution of all losses within the scope of the risk transfer/insurance operations. The successful candidate will..

  • Cyber Confidence: One Question to Rule Them All

    “Hello?” “Hello, is that Mrs Jane Smith?” Mrs Jane Smith does not recognise the number or the voice calling her, and she’s savvy enough not to confirm her identity. How does she get out of this one politely? “Ah…” she hesitates then quickly blurts, “if you’re selling something I’m not interest— She’s cut-off mid-sentence. “Mrs Smith, I’m not selling anything, and all I’m asking is just a minute of your time.” It could well be a sales call, or just a market resear..

  • 4 Common Safety and Risk Issues for the Silly Season

    There is just so much going right now – end of school presentations, office Christmas parties, present buying, deadlines – it feels like the “Christmas rush” started in October. Most of ‘Church-work’ is not retail-based so the unique stressors of that industry aren’t a huge feature on our WHS radar. What is commonplace for our church-owned organisations is sites shutting down over the Christmas/New Year break. This practice alone comes with some WHS and Risk red-flags. 1. SITE SECURITY – get on top of what needs to happen to ensure your..

  • Cyber Confidence: 5 Email Forwarding Risks and How to Avoid Them

    You’re pushing to make a deadline and you’re about to rush out the door for a lunch meeting but you really need to send that file on before you head out. You click ‘Forward’, type a few letters in the ‘To:’ field and let Outlook fill in the rest, hit ‘send’, and you’re done! Hello smashed avocado toast! You get back from lunch, check for any new email and you’re surprised to find one with a subject line that reads, “Did you mean to send this to me?” Your heart sinks when you realise that you accidentally forwarded the h..

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