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  • Godspeed, Paul.

    RMS Manager, Paul Rubessa, has accepted a call to lead ADRA Australia as their new CEO. Paul has served in RMS for 11 years, the last 7 years as Manager. During that time his foresight, strategic planning and ability to lead people has seen numerous improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of RMS. Paul has been a diligent steward of the Church’s insurance, risk and safety programs, focused on protecting the financial performance of the RMS investment portfolio to ensure it is prepared to respond to the ever changing environment in which the Church operates. Paul will finish his ..

  • And the safety award goes to...

    In August, Julieann Cother was presented the annual GIO Safety Award in the presence of colleagues and peers at the Safety and Risk Forum held in Wahroonga, NSW. Julieann is the Corporate WHS Manager for Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing across both Australia and New Zealand. She has been involved in WHS at Sanitarium for more than 23 years and has performed her current role for almost 14 years. During this time she has carried out the enormous task of ensuring health and safety policy, procedures and culture at Sanitarium are both compliant and workable within the industries that the business o..

  • Cyber Confidence: One Question to Rule Them All

    “Hello?” “Hello, is that Mrs Jane Smith?” Mrs Jane Smith does not recognise the number or the voice calling her, and she’s savvy enough not to confirm her identity. How does she get out of this one politely? “Ah…” she hesitates then quickly blurts, “if you’re selling something I’m not interest— She’s cut-off mid-sentence. “Mrs Smith, I’m not selling anything, and all I’m asking is just a minute of your time.” It could well be a sales call, or just a market resear..

  • Filming? Do this first.

    How would you feel if you rocked up to Church and there was a professional looking crew filming you and your children as you arrived? Would you feel comfortable? Filming and photography is an activity most of us enjoy recreationally, as it allows great memories to be recorded. But if the sight of a film crew makes you uneasy, do you know your rights? Conversely, if you are the one filming do you know and understand what your responsibilities are? At RMS, we believe in protecting people so our one recommendation, if you are going to film on church-owned property or at an offsite church e..

  • Safety and Risk Forum - the Highlights

    In August, RMS hosted its second annual Safety and Risk Forum in Wahroonga, NSW. The theme for 2017 was “Engage with Purpose” and was attended by over 40 delegates – all Adventist church employees with a Work Health Safety or Risk element to their roles. This number was double the attendance from last year, signifying a rise in interest for this type of professional development and networking within this niche field of practice. Highly qualified and relevant speakers were part of the presenter lineup that included Mr Michael Stoddart and Dr Megan Oaten. Mr Stoddart, Pri..

  • Share One Story to be Safe

    Do you know what costs Australia $61.8 billion a year? Work related injury and disease. October is National Safe Work Month and this year’s theme is “sharing safety knowledge and experience benefits everyone”. It reminds us of a succinct phrase we heard last year: “there’s no IP in safety”. Safe Work Month is not about eating the safety elephant in one gulp. Breaking the process down into bite-size chunks makes it easier to digest. The art of story-telling makes it even more so. SafeWork Australia publishes health and safety stories via their website a..

  • Cyber Confidence: The Human Firewall

    Christian organisations such as ours pride themselves on their purpose, centred around leading people to Christ. A significant emphasis is placed on living a Christ-centred life, upholding attributes such as trust, friendliness and helpfulness. It is through our personal interactions with people that we hope to share His love with those around us. What happens, however, when people take advantage of our generous and trusting spirit? Without losing sight of these qualities, how do we strike a balance that ensures we protect our sensitive information and systems? With physical interactions..

  • Don't Let Criminals School You

    A sign outside a Baptist church reads: “Whoever stole our AC units, keep one – it’s hot where you’re going.” Question: What makes a thief or vandal choose your site to hit? Answer: Opportunity When selecting a site to strike, a thief or vandal does not care about a shrieking alarm system or even surveillance cameras. A smart crim is looking for three key site weaknesses: A place to hide and remain undetected Ease of access Ease of escape In a matter of nanoseconds they can tell whether a site is worth entering. And before you can say, &..

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