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  • 4 Common Safety and Risk Issues for the Silly Season

    There is just so much going right now – end of school presentations, office Christmas parties, present buying, deadlines – it feels like the “Christmas rush” started in October. Most of ‘Church-work’ is not retail-based so the unique stressors of that industry aren’t a huge feature on our WHS radar. What is commonplace for our church-owned organisations is sites shutting down over the Christmas/New Year break. This practice alone comes with some WHS and Risk red-flags. 1. SITE SECURITY – get on top of what needs to happen to ensure your..

  • Cyber Confidence: 5 Email Forwarding Risks and How to Avoid Them

    You’re pushing to make a deadline and you’re about to rush out the door for a lunch meeting but you really need to send that file on before you head out. You click ‘Forward’, type a few letters in the ‘To:’ field and let Outlook fill in the rest, hit ‘send’, and you’re done! Hello smashed avocado toast! You get back from lunch, check for any new email and you’re surprised to find one with a subject line that reads, “Did you mean to send this to me?” Your heart sinks when you realise that you accidentally forwarded the h..

  • Meet our New Manager

    Taking over the reins of RMS, and replacing Paul Rubessa as Manager is our own Jonathan Hale. For the past six years, Jonathan has served as Assistant Manager for RMS, a role which allowed him to demonstrate his effective claims management skills, attention to detail, great communication and discernment, the ability to negotiate and build solid working relationships with solicitors, insurance brokers and the wider church. Now, Jonathan steps into the Manager's role, a responsibility which he does not take lightly. "Putting my hand up for this position did not come easily," states Jona..

  • Safety Differently: The Movie

    Professor Sidney Dekker, Director of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University, along with his team have produced a film that cites real-life, Australian examples, of organisations that have questioned the traditional safety hierarchy and bureaucracy. These organisations recognised that despite more and more bureaucracy and compliance requirements their safety performance had plateaued. From the website “Safety Differently: The Movie tells the stories of three organisations that had the courage to devolve, declutter, and decentralize their safety bureaucracy.” ..

  • Travel Like a Boss - 10 Must-Know Travel Tips

    We invited our corporate travellers to share their best tips, tricks and shortcuts to keeping safe, efficient, connected, healthy and happy while travelling. The travellers who gave the best answers received a nifty powerbank – the perfect traveller’s companion. The judging panel were asked to choose the best responses based on four categories: Savvy-ness; Personal Safety and Security; Church Business and; Health and Happiness. Here is what our top travellers said: Personal Safety and Security As someone who heads out to remote places on a regular basis – a..

  • Ready to Help with Funding

    There are two types of funding support available to eligible Adventist organisations for risk and safety programs and initiatives. RMS Risk Dollars. Work Smarter. Risk Management’s own funding initiative ( is specifically for helping church organisations solve identified risk and safety-related issues. Some may incorrectly presume that we are “giving away” money but make no mistake, we require your dedication and commitment too. This funding program demonstrates a concerted effort to protect the mission of the Adventi..

  • Godspeed, Paul.

    RMS Manager, Paul Rubessa, has accepted a call to lead ADRA Australia as their new CEO. Paul has served in RMS for 11 years, the last 7 years as Manager. During that time his foresight, strategic planning and ability to lead people has seen numerous improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of RMS. Paul has been a diligent steward of the Church’s insurance, risk and safety programs, focused on protecting the financial performance of the RMS investment portfolio to ensure it is prepared to respond to the ever changing environment in which the Church operates. Paul will finish his ..

  • And the safety award goes to...

    In August, Julieann Cother was presented the annual GIO Safety Award in the presence of colleagues and peers at the Safety and Risk Forum held in Wahroonga, NSW. Julieann is the Corporate WHS Manager for Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing across both Australia and New Zealand. She has been involved in WHS at Sanitarium for more than 23 years and has performed her current role for almost 14 years. During this time she has carried out the enormous task of ensuring health and safety policy, procedures and culture at Sanitarium are both compliant and workable within the industries that the business o..

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