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  • Is our work culture retributive or restorative?

    When something goes wrong, when a mistake is made, do we question our systems and processes or do we find someone to blame? Is our objective retribution or restoration? As a Christian, Adventist organisation what side of this fence should we sit? Does our culture need to change? Just Culture: The Movie is an honest, powerful account of the amazing transformation of Mersey Care, an NHS mental health trust in the UK, where only a few years ago, blame was common and trust was scarce. Their management culture was described as intimidation and bullying, “Dismissals were frequent:..

  • Outstanding safety culture: how leaders make it happen.

    Culture. It is a big deal right now in businesses and organisations. We talk about “cultural fit” in employment, we talk about “workplace culture” as either toxic or healthy, and we’ve heard a lot about some rather questionable ethical cultures within the banking industry. The Adventist Church has its own unique cultural quirks that we often joke about – some are good, like haystacks; some not so good, like…well, maybe that’s a conversation for another time! Something that doesn’t get spoken about so o..

  • Safety and Risk Forum: Ready for the Future

    RMS hosted its third consecutive Risk and Safety Forum, August 14-15, with 45 church-employed risk and safety professionals taking part in the professional development and training at Fox Valley Seventh-day Adventist Community Church (Wahroonga, NSW). This year’s theme, “Ready for the Future”, focused on the Church’s rapidly changing workplaces influenced by contemporary issues such as advancements in technology, delayed retirement, generational change and the sharing economy. The highlight of the forum was a keynote presentation by operation..

  • Forget your password!

    There’s a new theory around password security worth sharing. South Pacific Division personnel enjoyed a recent IT security training session where we learnt that the old way of making passwords – choose a word, substitute some letters for numbers or symbols, 8 characters minimum – could be hacked by ‘brute force’ in as little as 1.8 seconds. The new recommendation in IT security is to create what they call “passphrases” which are a minimum of 12 characters (preferably more) and made up of a random combination of unexpected words..

  • Get up to speed with RMS happenings.

    It has been a year of change for the RMS team, so we wanted to give you a quick update. Assistant Manager We are delighted to announce Hayley Tosen has recently accepted the role of RMS Assistant Manager. Hayley has over twenty years’ experience in accounting roles in various Church organisations, most recently she has fulfilled the role of Senior Risk Officer – Insurance within the RMS team. Hayley will continue to meet the objectives for insurance placement which focusses on delivering the best outcomes for the Church insurance program. Hayley’s k..

  • Your Family is Worth It

    A safe workplace recognises family. You have families, friends, pets... some people even have cats. Every day you give of yourself; you contribute something positive to the world either through your job, through volunteering, or simply making a hot, nourishing meal for your family. You are loved and you love others. When it comes down to the real reason for why we work, we are here because of love. We are motivated by love. When we come to work it is so that we can provide for our families whom we find fulfillment in doing God's make the world a better place! We do..

  • Make Single-Tasking Your #1

    Studies show that focusing and immersing yourself in one task at a time is the answer to boosting your productivity, increasing accuracy and improving your brain on a biological level. Psychologists and neurology experts call it “single-tasking” and research shows that it is better for your brain, and the outcomes of your projects, than multi-tasking. Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., founder and director of Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas, Dallas describes multi-tasking as “toxic” to your brain. Dr Chapman states, “Multitasking is a brain drain t..

  • Mandatory Reporting of Eligible Data Breaches

    Australia’s Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are both now in effect, with New Zealand not far behind. This is a clear indication that it is time to get serious about data security and protecting the privacy of individuals. In Australia, eligible data breaches – i.e. potentially harmful data breaches – must be notified to the affected individuals as well as the Office of the Australian Information Commission within 30 days of the suspected breach. Any private sector or not-for-profit org..

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