2 Things You Don’t Want to Know About Christmas

We know it comes around every year. Without fail. We’re across the shopping hassles, the parking dramas, the “whose-turn-is-it-to-host” politics… so what else is there we could possibly need to know about our favourite time of the year? Read on and store this info for some post-Christmas lunch small talk…


Leaving on a jet plane?

Don’t leave home without the hand sanitizing gel! This is the kind of thing you really don’t want to know but probably should. Someone’s done the highly undesirable job of taking swab samples on airplanes and at airports to uncover the dirtiest places. Ick! You can read all the gory detail on the Travelmath website, or save yourself the horror and memorise the shortlist below (you’re welcome):

    1. Airplane tray tables
    2. Drinking fountain buttons
    3. Overhead air vents
    4. Lavatory flush buttons
    5. Seatbelt buckles
    6. Bathroom stall locks

And guess what? Your home toilet seat is probably cleaner than any of the six above. Seriously. By now you’re probably wondering how you can get out of that flight to grandma’s on Boxing Day. The Travelmath website also helps you calculate the difference in time and cost when travelling from point to point either by plane or car. But before you cancel those flights we have just two words…Roadhouse restrooms.

Bad Wi-Fi connection? It could be the Christmas lights.

A recent article highlighted that if your home Wi-Fi connection is unreliable during Christmas it could be because of those flashing lights. Something to do with electromagnetic frequencies and proximity to routers…queue lots of tech speak.

Our message to you – BE SAFE when checking electrical cords and power cables!

  • Always turn off electronic equipment at the power point and unplug cables from the sockets beforehand.
  • Don’t overload powerboards – this is a serious fire hazard, people have tragically died because of this risky behaviour.
  • You may want to check the ACCC’s recalls page to see if your cables and cords are safe.