Travel Cover: Let’s bust some myths.

Aah, the grapevine of the Adventist church network—always buzzing with stories, but not always with the facts straight. Consider this article your trusty ‘fact check’ on all things Travel Cover for church-related trips.

Let’s be real, we’re kinda annoyed by the misinformation about travel cover. Not for us, but for you! We don’t want anyone stuck with the financial headache of a denied claim due to lack of cover or bad advice from the clueless.

And we get it, insurance policy wording is the ultimate snoozefest! But it’s your best friend when making a claim. So whenever you apply for travel insurance, RMS sends you a Summary of Cover. It’s like a cheat sheet for what’s covered and what’s not.

This means you don’t have to rely on what you’ve heard on the misguided grapevine. Keep the Summary of Cover handy while traveling for quick reference if something goes wrong. It could be a real lifesaver!

Now let’s debunk the myths and spill the tea on travel cover!

MYTH #1:
Travel Cover Is Automatic for Adventist employees and volunteers.
  • Sorry, that’s not quite true. Simply going on a work or church trip doesn’t automatically grant you travel cover. Insurers ask for specific details like who’s traveling, when, where, and for how long. So, don’t assume.
  • Apply for short-term travel cover online or, if you’re a more regular traveller, check your eligibility for Corporate Travel cover with the Adventist organisation that sponsors your trips.
  • Applying is key to smooth travels. You’ll get the latest Summary of Cover, so you’re clear on what’s covered and what’s not.
  • Some countries also ask to see that you have travel cover in place before they grant a visa, you might need a Certificate of Insurance, drop us an email at [email protected] to request this.

FACT: Travel Cover is not automatic for everyone. Always apply for travel cover, either annually (as a corporate traveller) or online using our short-term travel application.


MYTH #2:
Cover for Spouse or Dependents is Automatic.
  • You can request cover for your spouse or dependent children, but it’s not automatic. Include them in your application for Short Term Travel cover or annual corporate travel declaration.
  • To be eligible for cover, they must be accompanying you on your church-authorised trip.

FACT: You must request cover for your spouse or dependents accompanying you on church-related travel.


MYTH #3:
I can pay for Travel Cover with my own money so I can squeeze in some leisure travel on my work trips.
  • Your employer or the sponsoring Adventist organisation foots the bill for your travel cover.
  • Make sure you have the approval of the organisation approving your trip and covering the cost.
  • Try not to take advantage of this benefit, as using corporate travel or short-term travel to add personal travel to your work trip is a privilege, not a right.
  • The corporate travel and short-term travel policies have lower benefit limits for claims related to leisure travel, so check the travel summary so you don’t get caught out.

FACT: The sponsoring Adventist organisation pays for cover. Don’t game the system.


MYTH #4:
I don’t need to get cover until the day I leave.
  • Don’t procrastinate on the admin stuff. It can take 2-3 business days for RMS to receive the okay from your Adventist organisation to place cover.
  • If you are using Short Term Travel, applying for cover as soon as you make your first booking is a must. This ensures coverage in case of pre-trip mishaps and prevents coverage gaps that could hit your wallet.

FACT: Apply for cover as soon as you’ve booked your flight.


Remember, staying informed and proactive is key to a smooth and worry-free travel experience. Don’t fall for the myths—stick to the facts, read carefully your Summary of Cover and enjoy your travels with peace of mind.

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