The Big Picture

Most days at RMS we are up to our eyeballs in thousands of pages of insurance policy documents, work health and safety legislation or developing responses to emerging risk issues. When it’s like this it is easy to be consumed by the detail and forget the purpose.

Lately, we have been intentionally focusing on our core purpose – which is to help make more and better disciples. Yes, our contribution to disciple making is a little different – even unique within the South Pacific Division – but it is a necessary and powerful enabler and protector of our church’s mission.

This disciple making purpose has been embedded in our thinking and strategic planning for the 2015-2020 quinquennium during which time we will be focusing our energy and services on:

  • Finding the right risk-mission balance in the church’s corporate risk program – so resources can be allocated appropriately to both disciple making and being risk ready.
  • Making the administration of the church’s risk and insurance program as simple and easy as possible – for both you and RMS – because that means less time working administratively and more time working on disciple making.
  • Helping lower the frequency and severity of preventable loss events. When losses and incidents happen they have a direct impact on the time, money, people and facilities available for disciple making – they can also damage our reputation. There will be more opportunities for disciple making if all our resources and people are available and we are seen as a responsible and positive influence in the community.

So we hope you will support us on this journey because it takes all of us to manage the risks encountered in making disciples and all of us to make more and better disciples.