There’s no “IP” in safety.

At a recent safety conference our team were impressed when one of the speakers stressed that when it comes to risk and safety matters there should be no “intellectual property”.

It’s a point that we agree is fair – to withhold a resource that could help keep people safe seems counter intuitive and just plain old silly.

So, if you are directly responsible for the safety of workers and volunteers at a worksite, office or church, you may appreciate a new resource to help you conduct better risk assessments for your activity and/or your site.

RMS recently updated its internal Risk Assessment Form and, because there’s no “IP” in risk and safety, we’re excited to share that resource with you. Features of the new form include:

  • Definitions of Likelihood and Consequence labels as part of the Risk Matrix.
  • Descriptions of actions to take once a risk has been rated, making page 1 of the document a very useful stand-alone resource.
  • Extra visual drama for the Extreme rating, emphasizing the need to proactively manage any site or activity with this rating.
  • Ability to complete the form on your computer as a ‘fillable PDF’ with the option to digitally sign, and therefore no need to print more paper – just share via email or save straight to your computer. (Note: you are still able to print and complete the form the old-fashioned way.)

Our new Risk Assessment form is still a ‘beta test’ version, so if you find something is not working or could be made better please let us know.

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